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Revisioning Center for Unresolved

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Typical patient results following Revisioning include:

▪  Ability to look at photos without distress and sadness.

▪  Ability to walk into a loved one's room and touch belongings without distressing sadness.

▪  Decrease or elimination of suicidal thoughts.

▪  Ability to regain 'lost' self identity and coping ability.

▪  Increased self-confidence and decreased self-blame.

▪  Feeling comforted by thoughts of your loved one instead of distress about their absence.

​▪  Decrease in flashbacks and nightmares.

▪  Decrease in depression and emotional numbing due to PTSD.

​▪  Decrease in disturbing memories from trauma and self-medication..

​​▪  Decrease in anxiety and insomnia.

​Revisioning is the use of simulated re-attachment which induces neuroplasticity in the mirror neuron system within minutes to help complete the grief process. Persistent complex bereavement disorder can generally be repaired in one session.​​

​For PTSD, the Revisioning process involves simulated re-attachment of  ego states that have become fragmented through trauma.  Revisioning for traumatic grief and PTSD usually takes less than 5 sessions to complete.  

What is Revisioning?

​​Prolonged Grief, or Persistent Complex Bereavement Disorder, is the yearning, loss of identity, and continued depression and anxiety that continues more than 6-12 months since the loss of someone through death, divorce, or estrangement.

Traumatic Grief and PTSD include 3 categories of symptoms: 1) re-experiencing the traumatic event, 2) avoidance and numbing, and 3) increased anxiety and emotional arousal.

What are Prolonged and Traumatic Grief?

The Revisioning Center for Grief and Trauma is a treatment and training center.  Clients with Unresolved  Grief or Trauma can receive treatment using a breakthrough technique for rapid and complete recovery of  these difficult-to-treat conditions.

Revisioning sessions are conducted individually and can be accomplished soon after a loss or trauma to prevent the symptoms of prolonged grief or PTSD from occurring later on, or to eliminate suffering from these debilitating conditions that can continue for decades.